Загадки на английском языке
19.10.2013 23:02
Кузьмина Ольга Юрьевна
учитель английского языка

1. It’s my best friend when it rains. (an umbrella)
2. It is a house with one window, it can show films. (a TV-set)
3. It is a house on wheels. It takes people from place to place. (a bus)
4. There are 6 apples on the apple-tree; two of them fall. I ate one apple and now they are … (three)
5. It can mew. (a cat)
6. My leaves are white and I can tell you something interesting without talking. (a book)
7. «Tick-tock, tick-tock», says the … (clock)
8. Knock on me and you can come in. (a door)
9. Frost lives in our kitchen all the year round. (a refrigerator)
10. It shows rivers, lakes, seas, cities, countries and mountains. (a map)
11. I am green, and red, and yellow. I can draw everything for you. (a pencil)
12. Apples, pears, mandarin, lemons and oranges are … (fruits)
13. You can read it. (a book)
14. It has wings,
Without legs,
It moves quickly. (a fish)
15. Pupils write on me with a chalk. (a blackboard)


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